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BROKEN VEIL: Search Through the Faceless Crowd for Your Mom in this Little Nightmares-Inspired Game

Broken Veil is a third-person indie platformer and puzzle game with horror elements that is being produced by Sinistrum Games and which has had a demo version published on the Steam platform recently. The game puts you in a post-Soviet Union Russian city, and you control a little boy who must go through several obstacles in search of the most important person in his life: his mother.

And here we have another game that has great inspiration from the famous Little Nightmares. You control the little boy through several places, using trial and error and cunning to solve some puzzles that appear along the way. The story is apparently told through the events that arise during the game, without even needing subtitles or initial texts.

So far the gameplay is done using the keyboard and mouse (we don't know if there will be controller support, only time will tell) and finally, the graphics are excellent. The character designs have a style that reminds a little of some stop motion animations from the 2000s, with that deformed, bizarre way, like for example "Nightmare Before Christmas".

Without a doubt, it is a recommended game for those who enjoy Little Nightmares or similar. Everything you found in these other games you will also find here. So far the game is slated to come out this year. Check out Broken Veil's gameplay and if you're interested, download the demo by clicking the links below.


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