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BURGER & FRIGHTS: Your Journey Home Turns Into a Journey to Hell in this Survival Horror Game

Burger & Frights is an indie survival horror game produced by Donitz and published on August 23 of that year, on the indie gaming platform "". In Burgers & Frights, you control a young woman who decides to go home after a great night out at the hamburger shop. Along the way, you end up seeing strange things happening on the road, and when you least expect it, you find yourself in the same place (the hamburger shop)... It's up to you to find out what's going on on the road.

According to the game's page, Burger & Frights was created taking inspiration from games like Rides with Strangers and the horror movies produced by John Carpenter. Visually speaking, the game features excellent graphics that follow the PSX gaming aesthetic. The gameplay is a little confusing at first, as you must control the bike, and with the use of the camera, you can end up getting confused and finally falling off it or falling into the most diverse obstacles you will find along the way.

The soundtrack features inspiration from old horror movies, especially by John Carpenter movies. Just the theme that plays at the beginning of the game, you already feel like you heard it in a John movie. Burgers & Frights may be short (and it is), but it's still a great horror experience worth checking out. The game can be played on his own page, just click on this link here. As for the gameplay, you can check it out by clicking this link here.

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