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CALL OF SAREGNAR: Explore a Fantastical Medieval World in this Homage to 90s Computer RPGs

Call of Saregnar is an indie first-person RPG and Adventure game being developed by Rhuantavan and has no set release date, but a demo version was published on February 5th of this year, on and Steam platforms. Call of Saregnar is a tribute to the PC RPGs of the 90s, more precisely to The Elder Scrolls franchise. In the game, you control an unlikely party: a dutiful knight, an auspicious student of magic and his roguish friend on a quest to find the killer of a baron who took care of the village of Avanmoor, in addition to the disappearance of some people. The party could not even imagine that such a simple mission would trigger events that would lead to a terrible conflict between gods.

Anyone who played classic PC RPGs in the 90s will certainly feel comfortable playing Call of Saregnar. The game features everything found in these classics, such as an open world with textures and low poly visuals, characters played by digitized actors, a hex-grid turn-based combat system, in addition to a soundtrack that is very reminiscent of the scores composed for the first The Elder Scrolls: Arena and Daggerfall. The game also has an item management system that, despite being scarce, allows you to be careful to the point of not wasting anything. In addition, you can access the spells of 12 gods, each of which can be conquered in easy ways or hard ways, depending on the deity you want to make a deal with.

Undoubtedly, Call of Saregnar is a new return to the nostalgic atmosphere provided by the games of the time, as it has all the characteristics and could even easily pass for a game of that time. Recommended to all those who played many of these games in the 90s. Check out the game's gameplay and, if you're interested, download the demo to try it out, just click on the respective links below.




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