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CANDELA: Bring a Dark, Colorless World to Life in this Adventure/Puzzle Game

Candela is a third-person indie adventure, platform and puzzle game that is being produced by Geminimax and GS_ and that will be distributed by Retro Pixel sometime in 2022. A demo of the game has been published on the Steam platform, and in-game, you control a strange creature called Elu, who wakes up in a colorless world and decides to fix it. For that, Elu must face many challenges based on color types.

The game has a great level of challenge, the puzzles require the use of the colors of the flames that you catch on the stage. Depending on how you place it and the intensity of the flame, you can avoid deadly obstacles like spikes and pass through areas that correspond to the same color as the flame, as well as create platforms based on the flame. The 2D look is pixelated and very well produced. The soundtrack is relaxing and serves as a counterpoint to the hardness and difficulty brought by the stages, and can prevent the player from getting angry easily.

Check out Candela's gameplay and, if you're interested, download the demo, just click on the respective links below.


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