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CASSIDY: Investigate a Mansion where Heinous Crimes were Committed in this Horror Game

Cassidy is an indie game of simulation and horror in the first person produced by Joe Jobson and that had its demo version published recently, on his page on Steam. In the game, you control a criminal investigation student who decides to investigate an abandoned mansion for his college thesis. This mansion was the scene of a heinous crime that occurred in the 50s, where a family, who had bought the house, heard noises and saw red lights running through it. Ultimately, the family was murdered, with the exception of Cassidy, the youngest daughter, who is said to have been the eyewitness to the crime.

Right away we see how the game looks very well produced. The graphics are very realistic, with rich details. The game introduces us to its story as we explore every corner of the mansion. The sound design is also excellent. As I usually play using headphones (and this game was no different), I had an incredible immersion, perceiving the sounds and feeling the terror through them, something impressive. A certain item, common in many indie horror games, but which stood out for its secondary use, was the flashlight: in addition to illuminating the locations, it allows you to see words on the wall that were not previously possible, indicating messages or clues even.

The game also stands out for not using cheap and free jumpscares. Here, if any, it is used in the right measure and in determining situations. Although the game is very well produced, it is not without bugs: It is not uncommon for you to go through a door not only before opening it but also while it is closed, you also happen to open the inventory after hiding in a closet and, when closing the inventory, you get stuck, despite clearly being out of the closet, having to press the button to get out of hiding and even had cases where the character falls off the map, just like that.

Despite the bugs, Cassidy remains an excellent promise of indie horror and is well worth knowing. The game, in addition to not appealing to beaten and saturated jumpscares, will still use a different type of horror for each of the 3 chapters promised by the developer. Cassidy is scheduled to be released, in full version, in the middle of this year. Check out Cassidy's gameplay by clicking this link here and, if interested, download the demo from the Steam page. Take the opportunity to put it on your wishlist:

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