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Catch the candies in a strange way in this halloween game: Halloweenies (PC) GAME DOWNLOAD

Halloweenies é um jogo de halloween onde você precisa pegar o maior número de doces mesmo que isso signifique matar seus vizinhos fantasiados com armas brancas.

Nesse party game de terror, a cada vez que você pega doce, seu tempo ganhar alguns segundos, contudo, você precisa gerenciar bem o tempo e as armas - pois possuem quantidade de uso.

Veja o gameplay

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Halloweenies is a halloween game where you need to get as many sweets as you can, even if it means killing your neighbors dressed in melee weapons.

In this horror party game, every time you take candy, your time will gain a few seconds, however, you need to manage your time and weapons well - because they have a lot of use.

Check the gameplay

Download here

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