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CLAWSLANDS: Help the nameless traveler find his way out of this game inspired by the NES classics

Clawlslands is a platform and adventure game similar to games like Castlevania and Metroid developed by Elton Silva where you play as an unnamed traveler who carries a sword and wakes up in an ancient place inhabited by strange beings. To start his journey he must find the way out, but a powerful force appears as a great challenge to prevent you from proceeding.

The game has visuals similar to NES games and an environment very similar to games like Famroid's Metroid. The black background with the few visible tiles helps to create the atmosphere of mystery and unknown and there are elements of adventure where, to have access to another part of the map, it is necessary to obtain a new item.

The game has only one life, but it is a short experience where you open paths that facilitate your journey whenever you return to the beginning after losing your hearts.

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