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CLOUD CLIMBER: A Simulator Where You Must Reach the Clouds in Order to Get Water

Cloud Climber is a simulation indie game created by Two Star Games and published on December 11th of this year. Here, you are in a world that suffers from water scarcity for over a hundred years. Since then, people had been building very high towers in order to reach the clouds and obtain water to ensure survival. You are one of the few humans alive that tries one last time while facing the harsh reality of life.

Being short and direct here: It's a simulator game, where you only move and interact with objects and texts to obtain info about the events in that world. Graphically, the game is very beautiful. Since towers, passing through buildings sites to the sky itself, everything here is beautiful and calm.

The music is fully ambient and contributes to an intriguing immersion of the game, and not only that: there's no way to see the world's grounds since the game suggests that you are very, very close to the highest clouds, and this gives some shivers on spine only by thinking in fall from these buildings.

Check out the gameplay by clicking right here and download this game on the link below.

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