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IRON MEAT - Download Game

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

Iron Meat is a retro PC game that uses the Contra formula to add an element: carnage. Here you control an android with a gun in scenarios that will stage real butchers. The graphics are very well produced, with animations in scenarios, animations well made of weapons, enemies and zoom outs. The music here seems to be the biggest attraction of the game. Heavy guitar riffs accompanied by instrumental metal tracks that tell the player where he is. The gameplay follows the style of Contra games. A jump button, another for shooting, another for changing weapons and the target button that allows you to shoot in up to 8 directions. The fun is high. With a good level of challenge and generous lives, as well as several weapon options. This certainly adds a good replay factor. Iron Meat is still in demo version, but it looks very promising.


Iron Meat now has character customization where you can create several variations by changing just the head, arms, torso and lower limbs.

There are also visual changes to various enemies and bosses adding an even more gore look.


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