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CONVERGENCE POINT: Unveil a Case of Disappearance in this First-Person Adventure Game

Convergence Point is a first-person adventure and exploration indie game created by team "Three Amigos" and published on November 25th of this year. The game was totally produced by three guys (Leogustavino Ding, Vincent, and Duo Zhang) and present a strange future where Earth has become completely submerged. You control an exploration robot in a mission given by a scientist, Jack Porter: the mission consists in investigate and search for clues in an area near the Bermuda Triangle, clues that lead him to discover what happened with Porter's Father, who has been disappeared.

In terms of graphics and visuals, the game is extremely beautiful. There is an entire ecosystem, with marine creatures that live in harmony with debris and buildings, besides other submerged things. The gameplay is very simple: you only move, dash, jump, interact and uses a flashlight to illuminate dark areas, nothing more than this.

The game, although short, is very enjoying and even relaxing. A good casual diversion in a weekend. Check out the gameplay by clicking right here and download this game on the link below.

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