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COOKIES: A Horror Game Where a Drug Dealer is Involved in a Series of Horrifying Events in His Hood

Updated: May 8, 2021

CONTENT WARNING: Drug use, torture, light sexual themes, domestic terrorism.

Cookies is an indie action, horror and puzzle game produced by Stef Pinto, in partnership with Penguin Games and a soundtrack composed by Johar Ibrahim. The game was published on the indie gaming platform, on the 16th of April this year, and updated on the 1st of May. In Cookies, you control a drug dealer who lives in a condominium, nicknamed "The Darb", located in a neighborhood full of violence, poverty, gangs, prostitutes and drugs. In this falling-apart buidling, you find yourself enveloped in a spiral of madness, where mafias join bizarre cults, satanic rats, psychopathic clowns and snuff video directors, all living under one roof.

The game, in the words of DreadXP, the mind behind the horror anthology of the same name is "" best described as, “wow, Silent Hill, Twin Peaks, and The Wire made messy love all over Candyman while watching reruns of Bozo the Clown. ”". Here, you venture into a total of ten missions, where each mission unlocks a different area or item, which can be used in the next missions, which it is up to you to discover, since some of them appear to be shown Visually, the game features a graphic style inspired by PSX games, added to a filter that simulates the effect of a VHS film, which features the theme of slashers like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and black comedies like Trash Humpers.

You can check the gameplay of the game (divided into parts) on the links below, in addition to the link on the game page, where you can download it, if you are interested in playing it:

PART 1: Episodes "Son of Sal", "Heaven's Front Porch" and "Shinogi":

PART 2: Episodes "The Final Circus", "A Floridian Film", "Crown Fried" and "Black October":

PART 3: Episodes "Glad Boys", "Pig Knuckles" and "The Green Hell":

Download the game right here:

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