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CORPUS EDAX: A Lite Immersive-Sim RPG Where Humanity Migrated to Another Planet in the Late 70's

Corpus Edax is an immersive RPG and First Person Simulation indie game that is being produced by Luis Guilherme Bento and with a demo version published on September 4th of this year, on the indie gaming platform "itch.io". In Corpus Edax, you control a GRADE-B citizen in an industrial age in the early 2000s. As soon as you arrive on the first day of work and things no longer go the way you wanted, when approached by members of a Resistance group, who put you on a mission to investigate a certain facility.

The game was produced by a single person (Luis Guilherme Bento himself) in a month, for the Game Jam provided by the Haunted PS1 community, the Summer of Shivers. Here we have a game that takes a bit of the aesthetics of games produced for the PS1 (or PSX). We have characters and objects with a low-poly look, and textures that use a resolution similar to Sony's 32-bit console games. As for gameplay, here we have something very interesting: you start by creating your character, which goes from its name to its attributes, which will be increased or decreased as you use the available points. This is very interesting because sometimes you will come across situations that will require certain attributes and, if you have them, you can do well in these situations, in addition to gaining more experience. I could cite the issue of using the mouse buttons for punches and kicks, but not much to say beyond that.

Despite being short and the game still in development, Corpus Edax actually presents a very immersive experience, with a really cool gameplay style and a narrative that seems to be intriguing. It's worth trying out this demo, which can be downloaded from the link on the page below. As for gameplay, you can check it out by clicking on this link here.


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