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COURAGE: THE VIDEOGAME: a PSX game found in a Yard Sale with a prototype of Courage.

Courage: The Videogame is a 3D platform game found on a hard disk purchased at a yard sale. According to the Itch.io user who published the game, files for a PS1 game project were found and in it was Courage's game. Now the files have been used for a playable, more playable version of incomplete Windows.

The game has beautiful graphics, with well-made models, even for a PSX game, with good textures and the cartoon theme preserved from the original show.

The game has accessible stages but lacks a lot of content, where, after our tests, we were able to access a single level with only one puzzle to solve which, after completion, creates a softlock where the player cannot leave the room he is.

ReShade for the Black Site part: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1122063210

Check out the gameplay

Check out the gameplay - Left Path

Check out the gameplay - Missing File in the Black Site puzzle Chair

Check out the gameplau - Right Path

Download Courage: The Videogame

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