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COVEN: An FPS Game where a Woman was Executed for Witchcraft and Returns to Life with Revenge

Coven is a first-person action shooting game, produced by imaethan and with a demo version published on February 26 this year, on the indie gaming platform "". In the game, you control a young woman, in a world set in the year 1600. She was wrongly accused of witchcraft and ended up burned at the stake. But she was resurrected by an unknown force and now she seeks revenge for all the evil that was done to her.

Right away, we see that the game has a retro look very influenced by the PC FPS of the 90s, more precisely Quake and Hexen II. The gameplay has the same style as these games, with numeric keys for each weapon, for example. The challenge level is a little bit higher here in the demo, and enemies take a lot of energy, especially snipers. That is why you have a special ability: you make time run slowly, so you have the advantage to reach them before you are hit.

So far, only the E1M1 map has been produced. The game has good potential, it will be one more to contribute to the revival of games of this style, which has already started with games like Ion Fury and Dusk, for example. Check out Coven's gameplay at this link here and take the opportunity to download the game at the link below:

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