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COVERT CRITTER: A PSX game inspired by Metal Gear Solid where you face Red Hawks with weapons.

Covert Critter is a 3d spy game developed by Sodaraptor where you play as Koss, an expert in covert operations and a skilled with tactics, evasion and camouflage who needs to regain control of the GEKO Research Facility that was occupied by the Red Hawks and they are in power to activate various nuclear weapons. Covert Critter is a game inspired by Konami's Metal Gear Solid.

The game has 8 levels with increasing difficulty where you need to stay in the shadows, avoid direct confrontations and get keys to open doors until the end of each scenario. To help him, you'll be able to use your gadgets and your cloaking ability on walls that help you not to be seen by your enemies and security cameras.

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