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CUSTODIAN: Live the Last Days in a World on the Brink of the End in This Action Game

Custodian: Beginning of the End is an indie action, adventure, and platform game produced and distributed by Red-Pixel and published on September 1 of this year, on the Steam store. In Custodian, you control a mysterious wanderer and a member of the Order of the Custodians, who explore a world on the brink of the end to protect the last refuge of the Living, the former residents of this world, who now live above the skies where a dark fog (which turned many Living into terrible monsters) cannot reach.

In artistic terms, Custodian is well done. Its look is in a pixelated style, which brings a retro aesthetic and at the same time very current. As for the gameplay, we can say that it presents a certain challenge, even more for those who play on Keyboard + Mouse. Sometimes you have to know the exact moment to dodge or attack (especially in bosses), otherwise, it's sure death. The soundtrack varies between calm and mysterious tones, which match the adventure aesthetic, and tones with heavier rhythms, for the bosses. The game features some touches of Metroidvania gameplay as you explore a somewhat huge world, and there are times when you can only access one location on the map if you get a new skill located elsewhere on the map.

Check out the gameplay of Custodian: Beginning of the End by clicking on this link here and, if you're curious, you can download the demo of the little game or even buy it by clicking on the game page on Steam below:

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