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CYBEL: As a Witch, Kill Everything You See In This Frantic Shooting Game

Cybel is an indie action and shooting game with a top-down camera under development produced by Bedehess with a beta version published on the "" platform on January 9th of this year. The plot is quite simple, serving only as a pretext for the frantic action in the game: you are a witch named Cybel and live in the elevator. From the moment the elevator stops and the doors open towards the floor, you have only one mission in mind: to kill everything you see ahead.

The game is fast, frantic, and challenging: it will be quite common to die to an enemy. When this happens, you can use a special dose that allows you to go back in time, however, that dose is limited, and if you die and have no dose left, the only remaining option is to restart the game.

The graphics have a simple style, with the exception of Cybel, whose design has personality. The soundtrack is excellent and consists of a nervous synthwave that accompanies the frenzy of killing everyone on every floor.

Check out the gameplay by clicking here and access the game by clicking the link below:

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