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CYBERBUG: Survive the Bug Apocalypse by Shooting Them to Death in this Shooter Game

Cyberbug is an indie first person shooter that was produced by PixelLookStudio and published on December 1st of this year, on the indie gaming platform itch.io. In Cyberbug, you find yourself in a cyberpunk city, overrun by insects. Your objective is to survive the waves of insects, accumulating money by killing them and improving your weapons and perks.

The game itself is pretty simple: kill the bugs, accumulate cash, buy better weapons and investigate other areas, repeating everything again in the process. Visually, Cyberbug is well produced, creating an environment that mixes low-poly objects with other objects and enemies in voxel (a combination of 3d elements with pixel art). Gameplay is what you expect from an itch.io indie first person game: you move, aim, shoot, run, nothing new here.

If I have to put some negative points, I would put two: one is the lack of more places to prolong the game, and the other would be the bugs themselves (in this case, programming failure), because insects and even you get locked up are common. in some part of the game that prevent them from moving. All that aside, Cyberbug is still a valid game that could be enjoyed in a casual moment, to pass the time. The game can be downloaded from the itch.io page, and you can check the gameplay on our channel. Just click on the links below and enjoy.

CHECK OUT THE GAMEPLAY HERE: https://youtu.be/oOVsWAa5v28

DOWNLOAD THE GAME HERE: https://pixellookstudio.itch.io/cyberbug

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