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DARK MOMENTOS: Collect Memories about the Events of a Russian Nuclear Area in this Horror Game

Dark Momentos is an indie horror game that is in the prototype phase, being produced by Team Swift and with a demo version published on February 4 of that year, on the indie gaming platform "". In the game, you enter a nuclear area in Russia and try to collect various memories at specific points in the place, which will help you understand why this area is abandoned.

Right away we see that the game has a visual similar to that of several PSX games, due to the post-processing of Unreal Engine 4 used to acquire this effect, in addition to the low-poly graphics. The soundtrack is very simple and changes according to the situation. The gameplay is typical of indie horror games, in which you only use the movements and the mouse.

So far there is no date set for a full version. It remains to wait for more news about it. Check out the gameplay by clicking on this link here and download the prototype by clicking on the Team Swift page below:

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