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DARKTIMES: Find Your Missing Child in a Monster-Infested Louisiana in this Action Game

DarkTimes is a third-person shooter indie game that is being produced by FLYS and has an Alpha version for testing, which was published on September 20 of this year, on the indie gaming platform "". The game plot takes place in the 1880s, in an alternative and distorted Louisiana, in addition to being invaded by creatures that seem to have come from hell itself. You control Anne, a monster slayer who sets out on a journey together with her companion, a talking mystic Raven, in search of her son, who has mysteriously disappeared.

All DarkTimes action takes place in a camera-style that looks at everything from above, somewhat similar to the style used in a few MMORPG games. Also its gameplay is another interesting aspect here: DarkTimes requires the use of a dual-stick controller, as both are used to move Anne. While the left stick is responsible for the movement of the character, the left stick is responsible for the aim. Other commands are used, such as the LT and RT triggers (or L2 and R2, depending on the controller you have) which, respectively, trigger the crow attack and the weapon attack you have, A (or X, on a PlayStation controller ) to interact, B (or circle button) to dodge and X (or square button) to reload your weapon. The level of challenges here is reasonably high, especially in the arena moments, and this is where you need a certain skill to get out without dying.

In terms of graphics, the game has an excellent visual that conveys a macabre and gloomy atmosphere, which matches very well with the game's proposal. You can't know the level of preparation on the part of the characters, but this can be noticeable in the scenarios, every piece of it very well built, by the way. The soundtrack varies according to the moment, ranging from a more ambient style for the scenarios, going through church choirs, even something a little more rhythmic, for the battles.

DarkTimes is an excellent action game, with an interesting little plot and a really cool gameplay. So far the game is under development, with a release forecast for some month in 2022. In the meantime, you can check the gameplay of the game by clicking on this link here and/or you can download the demo to play by clicking on game page below. Take the opportunity to put the game in your Wishlist on Steam if you are interested, the link is below.

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