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DAYDREAM: Face the Darkness with the Help of Your Teddy Bear in this Adventure Game

DayDream is an adventure, platform and puzzle game produced by Frozen Line and recently published on the game's own website. In DayDream you control Griffin, a little boy who wakes up in a dark room, being hunted by some mysterious entity. Before the darkness catches him, he manages to escape the room with the help of his friend Birley, a teddy bear. From there, Griffin embarks on an adventure to find the answers to why he is trapped in this place and why the darkness is hunting him.

Right away, the game has influences from another game that has been successful recently: Little Nightmares. The game features a 2.5D look, with beautiful graphics and cartoons. In addition, its gameplay is excellent; you count on the help of your friend Birley to solve the puzzles they encounter during the journey.

Without a doubt it is a great game, however there are times when you may encounter annoying bugs. At the moment, the game is in the development phase, with no set official release date. Check out the DayDream gameplay at this link here and take the opportunity to download the demo at the link below:

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