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DEADOXER: Your Mind is Your Biggest Enemy in this Survival Horror Game

DeadOxer is a short indie adventure, horror and first-person shooter game that was produced by ErfanRazmi (RedSunStudio) and published on February 24th of this year. In DeadOxer, you find yourself in an abandoned mansion, and you're not alone. While investigating the place, you end up being attacked by someone unknown, who knocks you unconscious, and now you wake up again, this time in a strange village, full of zombies. Your objective is to find a way to survive, but for that the attack is not the only way, but the stealth: you have to be careful to avoid as many attacks as possible to, in the end, face the one who attacked you.

There's not much to say about DeadOxer, the gameplay and graphics are simple enough just to allow the player to explore the locations present in the game, in addition to using the standard items seen in many other games, such as weapons, flashlights and other items like keycards to open other locations. Also, there's another problem here: the village is basically the same map seen in some other indie games of the same genre. This serves as constructive criticism for the developer, who is probably a beginner: try to modify the map to give it at least a little personality.

Check out DeadOxer's gameplay and, if you're interested, download the game. Just click on the respective links below.


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