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DEATHLESS HYPERION: Explore a Mysterious Space Station in this Horror Game

Deathless Hyperion is an indie action, shooting, and horror first-person game created by FrankieSmileShow and published on January 8th this year on the indie gaming platform "". You control a space traveler who lands in a colony in Saturn's orbit, but you discover that it is not only disabled but filled with scary creatures. It is up to you to find valuables, crew reports, and fuel for your ship.

The game has a retro style inspired by Wolfenstein 3D and Blake Stone. The look mixes handmade textures with pixelated characters. The soundtrack, composed by Babu Oji is good but ends up becoming a nuisance due to the fact that they are short stretches that repeat to exhaustion. The gameplay is typical of games like Doom and Wolfenstein.

The station is huge, so you have a map to guide you, as well as a variety of weapons that you find throughout the map. There are also cloning capsules, as they work as a kind of extra life in case you die. To access them, in addition to the doors that only work with specific Keycards, you need to find the main key that releases energy to the room.

So far, the game is in development. Deathless Hyperion is a great option for those looking for shooting in the best retro style. Check out the gameplay by clicking here and access the game by clicking the link below:

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