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DEATHOFCRAZE: Investigate a Heinous Crime in a House Where Even Supernatural Elements are the Clue

DeathOfCraze is an indie horror game that is being published by RaidGames Studios and is still in the development stage. However, a demo version was published on February 9th of this year, on the platform. The plot of DeathOfCraze takes place in 1955, and you control a private investigator who works on several cases. One in particular is about a family that has disappeared since they arrived on vacation. The police searched the entire house and found only the bodies of the family, with the exception of the father. Now it's up to you to investigate the house and survive the horror that will ensue during your work.

According to the developer, the story will not be told by the game but by the player, that is, you will certainly find clues that will lead you to assemble the whole picture, that is, the crime itself. The game features well-produced graphics, not so realistic, but well-produced. As for the gameplay, it's no surprise: just like previous work by RaidGames, SinsfromGod 2 and other indie horror games, you just use motion commands and the mouse for camera and interaction.

Check out DeathOfCraze's gameplay and, if you're interested, you can download the demo, just click on the respective links below.


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