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Decline's Drops: A Gorgeous Action Platform Game Where You Must save Your Garden from DestructioN

Decline's Drops is a platform indie game with fighting elements and has a gorgeous visual and soundtrack. Here, you control a nice wooden doll which, in order to prevent the destruction of your garden, needs to run through six worlds full of challenges and enemies. In my first impressions, I could see how beautiful is this game. The graphics seem to be designed by hand and are very well animated, mostly the protagonist itself, which presents very fluid movements. The scenery is very well designed too and remembers games like Yoshi’s Island a lot. The soundtrack is a cherry on top: all the game is packed with a very well played guitar, and few percussions, mostly the tutorial music, which has the same feeling as the water theme in Super Mario 64. In terms of gameplay, the game has a Super Smash Bros. similar style, but with few changes: you can walk, run, jump, attack, and use special attacks, it’s very complete. The platform style seems very inspired on Kirby 64, and this makes sense, once the game developer, Drazglb, claims, on his game page, that it has some influences from these three games quoted here in terms of graphics, style, and gameplay. No doubt is a beautiful indie game and worth the diversion. Until this moment, Decline’s Drops finds itself in a demonstration version and will be released on PC and Nintendo Switch. Check out the gameplay by clicking here and, if you want to play the demo, click on the link below:

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