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DELIVERANCE: A Horror Game Where You Must Find Two Books to Get Out of Captivity

Deliverance is an indie adventure and horror game produced by HitOrMissDev and published on February 24th of this year, on the indie gaming platform "". In the game, you wake up in a mysterious library and find that you are trapped in it. To gain your freedom you need to take two books that are close to a statue and return them to the delivery box at the reception.

The game presents a look that seeks to simulate the same limitation seen in games from Sony's first PlayStation, which in itself is already very cool to see this retro look revival. However, the most interesting point here is the game mechanics adopted in Deliverance: you move by alternating the Q and E keys: they simulate, respectively, the character's left and right feet, so you must alternate the keys as if walking normally.

The feeling is like a baby in its first steps, so much so that if you miss the command, your character stumbles and falls. It was a very original and impressive choice. The game is short and can be finished in a few minutes, but the experience and mechanics used here, make Deliverance a very interesting game to be played.

Check out the gameplay of the game on this link here and take the opportunity to download it from the link below:

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