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Descend into a Surreal World of MEAT On This First Person Dark Comedy.

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

"Golden Light" is one more of those indie games that we already talked about on this site: It's a horror game but with a level of bizarre that makes us think hilarious. Here, you are a dude that must descend the levels of a strange world full of meat to save your loved one. The game has roguelike elements, with random weapons at every playtime. You can use everything here, from weapons like Axes to most surreal elements that you can imagine in this game, like a bat head, an eye mixed with three fingers, and a map with eyes and teeth that constantly moves. You can even eat some of them.

In terms of graphics, there is a resemblance to games from the PS1 era. Visually, the game proposes an ambient both bizarre and spooky at the same time. You walk through various rooms, facing monsters made of meat and other materials while seeks a key to open the elevator and descend one more level. The soundtrack is composed of a mix of ambient sounds with distorted and sultry music that remember us of the chaotic music of games like Silent Hill.

The game is already on sale on Steam, but if you are curious to play, you can download the demo on these sites below. You can also check out the gameplay right here.


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