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DEVIL INSIDE US - ROOTS OF EVIL (FULL): Exorcise a House Possessed by Demons in this Horror Game

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

Devil Inside Us: Roots of Evil is an indie first-person simulation and horror game produced by Mr. Skull Game Studio, and published on October 28th of this year, on the and Steam platforms. In the game, you control Aughust Heylel, an exorcist legitimized by the Vatican and a former priest who lost his faith. He tells of a case in which he investigated, named "Roots of Evil", which involved a house with paranormal activities, but something went wrong and he realized that the problem was more complicated than he imagined. We follow the case in both 1984 and 2021, in modern times, where Heyelel returns home to contain the evil once and for all.

The game features beautifully crafted graphics, almost realistic and simple gameplay, but still interesting and with certain mechanics. By controlling an elderly ex-priest, you have limited movement and stamina that runs out quickly if you run for a long time. This can be replaced with caffeine pills, which are scattered around the house, along with information notes about the case, in addition to health kits.

Furthermore, her Faith is her greatest power, and she feeds her weapon: the Crucifix. It is used to exorcise cursed objects and places and also to defeat demons that you encounter during the game. However, the power of your Faith can run out while using your Crucifix. And that's where the Rosaries you find during the game come in. They serve to quickly re-establish your Faith and thus use the power of the Crucifix once more.


See the Demo 1 Gameplay Right Here:

See the Demo 2 Gameplay Right Here:


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