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Discover a Conspiracy on 2048's New York City that can alter the City's destiny!

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Put Metal Gear with Cyberpunk 2077 in a blender and what do we have? Exactly, a game shown on PAX Online 2020 called "Disjunction"! Here, you initially play the role of a detective that seeks unveil a probable conspiration that can bring serious problems to 2048's New York City. Besides that, your path will cross with the paths of two more characters, that can even alter the narrative's course.

The game presents a pixelated visual, like a lot of indie games that we have seen lately. About the gameplay, it remembers Metal Gear a lot, once you can use stealth, as non-lethal means to knock out enemies without being discovered, or you can be more offensive and kill than with guns. You decide the method to adopt and, as cited above, the narrative is influenced by the methods adopted.

The demo of the cyberpunk game is on Steam, as well the full game. Check it out:



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