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DIVINE FREQUENCY - Download Steam Demo Game

Divine Frequency is an FPS game with horror and RPG elements developed by Good Karma where you enter surreal worlds that collide with dreams and fight against powerful creatures in a mix of surrealism, technology and psychological horror. The game has clear influences from System Shock, Bloodborne and Silent Hill.

The gameplay lasts about 1 hour in length where you, initially, won't understand much about how the world works, but this will seem less confusing as you play and evolve through the scenarios. The combats are challenging, where simply pressing the fire button repeatedly will make you die easily, as the enemies appear stealthily and react quickly to your presence.

There is a more or less complex system for managing weapons and attributes, as well as how you can evolve your character during combat and it seems very inspired by the System Shock franchise, as well as the futuristic elements found in the game.

The influence of Silent Hill appears in the scenarios that are very reminiscent of the dark world and even the presence of the siren, a classic element of the game that shows the transition between worlds.

Check out the Divine Frequency gameplay

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