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DON'T: Experience the Sensation of Breaking the Rules and Feel the Panic of Seeing Your World Change

Don't is a very short indie platform game that was produced by LooksFineToMe and published on February 27th of this year on the platform. The game was produced for this year's Brackey's Game Jam and in it, you control Timmy, who is a little boy who lives in a world full of parental warnings. He will experience the temptation caused by the word "Don't", and the panic it will cause him as the world changes around him.

The game itself features fairly simple graphics and gameplay. As you complete the objectives in each stage, the world around Timmy changes and becomes more dangerous, where you have a certain time limit to complete another objective before that time runs out, otherwise, you go back to the beginning of the stage. .

The game presents an interesting proposal, seen in the synopsis of the same. Therefore, it would be interesting if the creators could elaborate more stages about this, with more macabre events, such as the shark chase or the hand under the bed, for example. It has good potential if developed more carefully. Check out the gameplay of Don't and, if you're interested, download the game. Just click on the respective links below.



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