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DOOMSDAY HUNTERS: Face Off Against Monsters, Demons and Aliens in This Post-apocalyptic Action Game

Doomsday Hunters (formerly titled I, Dracula: Genesis) is an indie third-person procedural action game that was produced by Moregames and was published as Early Access on May 22th, 2020, in addition to a demo that was published, both on Steam platform. In Doomsday Hunters, you are a Hunter, an expert fighter who seeks to survive on a totally devastated Earth after a cataclysm. In it, not only did the laws of physics cease to exist, but the planet began to be populated by monsters, demons, aliens and evil robots.

Doomsday Hunters presents a very attractive, eye-popping look, with incredible pixel art, both for the characters and the setting. As for its gameplay, here we have a typical roguelite action game, that is, maps are generated automatically where each playthrough is different from each other. According to the game's developers, the level of challenges here is extreme, that is, there is a huge difficulty in mastering the game, and an enormous ease of dying. In addition, there is an apparent weapon customization system and a massive number of items, ranging from weapons and skills to alien artifacts and consumables.

As stated above, the game is in Early Access, meaning it is always developing and there is always something new coming out. If you want to purchase it, the game is available for purchase on the Steam page or play the demo. Enjoy that the gameplay of the game is available on our channel. All you need to do is access the respective links below.


  1. YOUTUBE: https://youtu.be/jLv9g3FEC-M

  2. ODYSEE: a

  3. TIKTOK: a



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