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Double Dragon Gaiden: Rise of the Dragons - A Modern Classic in Beat 'Em Up Gaming

Double Dragon Gaiden: Rise of The Dragons is a Beat 'Em Up game developed by Secret Base Pte Ltd and published by Modus Games and Joystick where you embark on the journey of the legendary characters of an iconic and classic franchise of arcades and consoles in a world dominated by by different gangs who want to control the city.

In Double Dragon Gaiden: Rise of The Dragons we can play as Billy Lee, Jimmy Lee and also with two more characters initially: Marian and Uncle Matin. But by earning tokens, you can unlock new playable characters, making a total of 13 unique characters, each with different gameplay. In addition, it is possible to unlock arts, tips and much more content with the tokens obtained during the game.

There is a gameplay change that now allows you to select two players that can be swapped out during the match whenever the special gauge fills up. The same bar can be used to deliver special blows that, depending on the number of enemies defeated, generate an item that serves to restore your life.

What most draws attention in Double Dragon Gainde: Rise of The Dragons is its difficulty, which is very reminiscent of the old games, as the game has a more rhythmic gameplay, with short pauses between movements that open your guard to the enemy and pretty demanding boss battles that will eat your credits if you don't master their skills. Credits that are obtained with the game's money and that are essential for your strategy, since once you run out of money to obtain a new credit, your game is over and you have to restart.

The visuals of Double Dragon Gainde: Rise of The Dragons are the most controversial point, since it turned the characters into a less satisfactory version of games of the genre, however, don't be fooled, the visuals are beautiful and quite coherent, with cutscenes well Illustrated and beautiful.

Check out the Double Dragon Gaiden: Rise of The Dragons (All Bosses)

Check out the Double Dragon Gaiden: Rise of The Dragons (Final Boss + Ending)

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