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DRAINED: A Survival Horror Game Where You Explore Sewers and Slay Zombies in Search of a Way Out

Drained is a short survival horror and first person shooter indie game being developed by Aces Games, and whose demo (actually an early access) was published on October 7th, 2020, and updated on November 26th of this year, on indie gaming platform. In Drained, you are a SWAT soldier who, after being attacked by a horde of zombies, enters the sewers along with his heavily wounded teammate. Your mission is to investigate the sewers and find medical kits to save your partner.

The game is being produced as a solo project, which draws inspiration from games like Resident Evil and Left 4 Dead. According to the game dev, the game is apparently already complete, although what we have on the game page is just an early access version. Graphically, the game is well done, despite using somewhat simple elements, and so is the gameplay, which is typical of many FPS games published on However, there are some inconveniences in the demo: I believe the HUD and the inventory could be worked better, with an appropriate font and an aesthetic that matches the game's mood. Another annoyance is right at the end of the demo, and it interferes a lot: after triggering a door that was opened with a keycard and a code, the flashlight loses its light, leaving the game almost dark. Even activating the flashlight, the place is not illuminated, making entry through the door a little more complicated. It would be great if these fixes were made.

After playing the demo, we came to the conclusion that Drained is a good FPS and survival horror game, with great potential, even more considering that everything is being produced by only one person. It remains to be kept waiting for new updates or even the release of the full version. Check out Drained's gameplay and/or download the game from the page below.



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