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DRUNK FIST: Get Drunk and Use Your Skill to Annihilate Strange Cockroaches in this Action Game

Drunk Fist is a short first-person action game produced by Team Poivronruj and published on October 4th this year, on the indie gaming platform The game was produced for the Ludum Dare 49 game jam and here, you are a drunk who entered a strange mall, full of huge cockroaches. To survive this bizarre attack and find your way out of the mall, you'll have to resort to your skills with alcoholism, that is: your strength and speed are increased when you're drunk.

In visual terms, Drunk Fist is pretty cool. It simulates the same aesthetic style as PSX games, with serrated graphics and nostalgic low-poly visuals. Gameplay is typical of many first-person indie games: you just move using the WASD keys and interact with the drink bottles that fall from the machine using the E key. Each drink can strengthen either your damage capacity or the speed of the attack. The attack is up to the Mouse, whose buttons activate both arms, in addition to the jump, which is accessed by the Spacebar key.

Despite being very short, Drunk Fist is a very fun game. It would be great if the folks at Team Poivronruj extended this project by adding more things like special abilities, new maps and even a story mode, even if it's just a justification for hitting the cockroaches. Anyway, the game has a lot of potential and it would be nice to see it advance from time to time. Check out Drunk Fist gameplay by clicking on this link here and if you are interested, download the game by clicking on the page below.

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