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DUTY FIRST: Find a Way to Make Your Girl Go to a METAL SHOW With Him in this Adventure Game

Duty First is an adventure and point-and-click indie game that was published on November 27 of this year. Here, you are Frank a metalhead that gained tickets for the "Angel of Death" concert, Frank's favorite band. He wants to go to the show with Felicity, your girlfriend, and enjoy the night, but there is one little problem: Felicity is, apparently, a criminal expert and, right on the day of the show, she is having some difficulties identifying an unrecognizable body. Frank, not wanting to waste away the tickets and even the opportunity of going with your girlfriend to show, decides to help her to identify the corpse, even he uses some... strange ways for that.

Here we have a game that is greatly inspired by classic old games of genre: the pixelated visual is similar, the soundtrack has the very same MIDI style that was predominant on these games, and the gameplay style is the same: you point out items and persons, and your character goes in their directions for interaction.

Despite being a short game, Duty First has some fun moments. Unfortunately, as was very common in classic games of this genre, the replay factor is almost inexistent. Check out the gameplay by clicking right here and download this game on the link below.

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