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E.O.DEAD: Disarm the Bomb while Dealing with a Laughing Criminal in this Survival Horror Game

E.O.Dead is a first-person survival horror indie game, produced by Matthew Ager and published on August 3rd of that year, on the indie gaming platform "". In E.O.Dead, you play as an agent who goes into an abandoned bunker to save a person who has been kidnapped. Once there, he realizes that it is tied together with several bombs, which are deactivated after deactivating each mechanism located at various points in the hideout. Also, there is another problem: you will have to keep an eye out for a strange person who appears all the time, being identified only by their laughter.

E.O.Dead is a game that is part of the so-called "Food for Pigs Cinematic Universe" and is probably located prior to Episode 2 of the game that established this universe. Matthew is creating a very interesting universe, with elements that connect the games together. Here your function is just to deactivate the mechanisms that feed the time that is counting down to trigger the bombs. With each move, the mechanisms are different from each other, that is, there is a randomization here, which makes the gameplay factor quite fun. Also you need to prevent the criminal from attacking you, and for that you use a taser. So he runs away, giving him time to work out the mechanisms.

The graphics part is similar to other games in this universe: very cool low-poly graphics that have inspiration from PS1 games. Perhaps the only flaw here is that, although it has hints of horror, it didn't strike me as terribly scary. To be honest, the terror has gone a long way, even because you already feel that the element of fright is coming (the laughter). Other than that, it's a cool game and can be seen as a chapter of a bigger game (the Food for Pigs universe itself, if we play each one in sequence).

Check out E.O.Dead gameplay by clicking on this link here and, if you are interested, you can download it on the page below:

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