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EBOLA 3: Survive Zombies and Escape an Abandoned Clinic in this Resident Evil-Inspired Game

Ebola 3 is an indie action and survival horror game that is being produced and developed by and that does not yet have a set release date, although it is scheduled for sometime this year. However, a demo version was published on February 14th of this year on Steam, and March 28th on In the game, you control David, a military contractor who, after having a terrible accident after stepping on a landmine, wakes up in an apparently abandoned clinic on Brute Street. As you head to the main hallways, you discover that not only is the building locked, with no access to the outside environment, but it's also teeming with zombies. It's up to you to unravel the mysteries behind this building, what created these zombies, and find a way to escape this living hell.

Ebola 3 is a kind of homage to the games of the genre, more precisely Resident Evil. The gameplay is more based on the recent Resident Evil 7 and Village, where you have a more first-person camera system. The scheme is practically the same: you have a huge location, which needs to be explored to find weapons, items, keys and even puzzle tips, which are present here. In terms of graphics, Ebola 3 has beautiful and realistic visuals. The biggest proof of this is in the cutscenes, where you can see a degree of realism in the characters' look (you can even see the pores of their faces), but their movement in the cutscenes is still very robotic. I believe this could be improved in the final version.

Undoubtedly, it is a game worth keeping an eye on for news. While it hasn't been released yet, you can check out the demo gameplay on our channel. If you're interested, you can download the demo from both and Steam. The respective links can be accessed below.


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