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EDWARD'S SEWER ADVENTURE: Investigate Rumors about Horrific Monsters in the City Sewers and Survive

Edward's Sewer Adventure is a first-person indie horror adventure game produced by Erathor_Noname and which was published on the indie gaming platform on October 22th of this year. The game (which presents itself as a prequel to another Erathor-produced game, "No Time - A Time Travel Experience") tells the story of Edward, a Pine Island boy who decides to explore the city's depths of sewers to confirm the rumors go around about huge and fierce monsters that inhabit there.

Edward's Sewer Adventure features a great retro look, with graphics and low poly characters that draw heavily from Sony's 32-bit PSX console games, as well as simple gameplay typical of many indie first-person horror games. You explore a series of huge places inside the sewers, going after keys, snacks to recover energy and batteries for your flashlight, which requires a good dose of use when venturing through the place.

Despite being short (only about an hour), Edward's Sewer Adventure is a very cool game and offers a frightening experience, controlling Edward in the vast mixture of lights, slimes and darkness. If you want to try it, the game download is on the page below. As for gameplay, you can watch it by clicking this link here.

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