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ELDERJAM: Kill Monsters and Cultists in this Quake-inspired FPS Game

Updated: Sep 5, 2021

ElderJam is an indie first-person shooter action game produced by Nash Muhandes and with a prototype released on September 4th of this year, on the indie gaming platform "". According to game dev, ElderJam was created as something of a personal challenge, as Nash made it inspired by a series of videos he watched on YouTube about creating any game clone in a short amount of time. According to Nash, ElderJam was created as a Quake clone in 10 days. In addition, the game was also inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft, considered by many to be a pioneer of cosmic horror. ElderJam has no plot so far: the only thing we can talk about is that you control an unnamed character whose mission is to kill whatever lies ahead.

The prototype itself has a style very similar to the first Quake, from the atmosphere close to horror to the monsters we face in the game. By the way, it's interesting to see how well ElderJam was produced here: despite obviously being produced on a Doom game engine (GZDoom), at no point does the game feel like we're playing something made by the Doom engine, it's by the Quake engine (idTech1). The Game dev managed to emulate the style very well, that alone is excellent. Another emulated aspect of Quake is its soundtrack (which, by the way, can be found at this link here), which tries to present (and successfully) the same sinister and peculiar atmosphere of the soundtrack composed by Trent Reznor (the guy from Nine Inch Nails) for Quake. Congratulations to Nash for that.

As for gameplay, there's nothing to say: it's the same gameplay present in Doom games. The ElderJam prototype is very short and can be completed in a few minutes. It would even be interesting to see the future news involving this game, but there is no way to raise expectations here, as Nash himself stated on the game's page that he is currently working on another game, called Darkadia, and that ElderJam will only be possible if there is demand enough for it to be done. Well, we can only hope that he completes Darkadia and gets back to work on this prototype, as it has excellent potential for an excellent FPS game inspired by cosmic horror.

Check out ElderJam's gameplay by clicking on this link here and, if you're interested, you can download the prototype on the page below:

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