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ELDRITCH CROSSING: Use Your Holy Symbol to Banish Eldritch Horrors in Your Basement

Eldritch Crossing is a short, first-person action game with touches of Lovecraftian horror that was produced by Hastily Assembled Games within 72 hours for this year's Ludum Dare. The game is in the development stage, and its prototype was published on the platform on April 5th. In the game, you have your basement invaded by manifestations of pure eldritch horror. Your goal is to use your holy symbol to banish the evil runes that appear in every corner of your basement.

For a game made for a game jam, and currently in development, we can say that Eldritch Crossing is very simple in its proposal. Graphically speaking, the game features an aesthetic similar to PSX games. In terms of gameplay, the prototype only offers the basics: movements and camera. The action of the holy weapon is automatic, just face the eldritch rune and the weapon nullifies the power of the rune.

Check out the Eldritch Crossing gameplay and, if you're interested, try the game's prototype. Just click on the respective links below.


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