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ELTALE QUEST: A Reinterpretation of Quest 64, the First (and Divisive) RPG from N64

Eltale Quest is an RPG indie game created by MimicryMedia and has a prototype version released on August 01 of this year. The game is a reimagination of Quest 64 (Holy Magic Century on Europe, and Eletale Monsters on Japan), known as the first RPG game released on Nintendo 64, and also known for being a divisive game: some players love this game, while others hate it. In the game, you are a young boy that embarks on a journey to seeking your father, which has disappeared during a mission to find the Book of Eletale.

By playing the prototype, we see some differences from the original game, as for example, the camera, the battle mode, and the menu. These points have been reworked to become similar to more traditional RPGs, like Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest, which seems to be a good decision, but It would be good if the game had an option to change the camera mode in order to become more similar with the style from the original game.

The music is the same as the original game, but more reworked, symphonic. The only difference is the battle theme, which is totally original and, sincerely, works well in this game.

Now, a personal opinion here: this is, no shadow of a doubt, a game that I would love to see being produced. Quest 64 is one of the Nintendo 64 games that I love so much and would be awesome playing a reinterpretation that, at the same time that brings many new things, respects the original work on a good level. Check out the gameplay by clicking right here and download the prototype on the link below:

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