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Embark on a Journey of Vengeance and Heroism... inside of a Mecha Suit.

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Metal Unit is a side-scroller action and platform indie game that tells the story of Joanna, a soldier in your M-Unit suit that embarks on a journey not only to save what remains of humanity but get revenge on your sister too, that allied herself with an alien race that is responsible for the invasion and dominion of the planet where the protagonist lives.

Metal Unit presents a pixelated visual that, in my opinion, is average and could be a little neater. In terms of gameplay, Joanna can walk, jump, use primary and secondary weapons, as well as use Dash to go through enemy attacks and obstacles. The game also presents cutscenes and decisions made by the player, that can influence the narrative, as well as rogue-lite elements, where every dead enemy is converted into research points, used to unlock new items and abilities.

Besides that, in Metal Unit you have an extensive map, where you can choose between exploring the entire planet surface and walk through obscure and mysterious dungeons. The music has that synth feeling already listened to in various games with the futuristic theme and although is not the world's eighth wonder, it is cool and is appropriated inside the purpose of the game. You can check out the gameplay by clicking here. The full game, as well as demo version, are available on the link below:

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