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ESCAPE ROOM: Find a Way to Get the Power Source of an Alien Spaceship in this Puzzle Game

Escape Room is an indie puzzle game in first person produced by Just two small kids and published on January 11th of this year, on the indie games platform "". The plot is quite simple and to the point: aliens plan to invade Earth, you enter their spaceship, and find clues to get to the source of its power.

The game has puzzle-oriented gameplay, where you walk through 3 rooms, each with a puzzle to be solved and with clues scattered around them. The look is very simple, to tell the truth, too simple: certain things could have been better worked out, like the fonts, the menu screen, which only consists of buttons and names, the boss's energy bar, etc.

There is a bug that does not necessarily harm the experience, but it visually bothers a little, which is when you will connect a CPU to a power tower: sometimes it can connect, sometimes it connects even separate from the tower if you put the cable CPU in any direction. The soundtrack consists only of a single song and does not repeat once played, which weakens the playtime.

Escape Game is a nice little game, but it deserves a little more of work. It has good potential to be more, due to this interesting combination of Puzzle and FPS. We expect it to be updated or expanded, depending on the game developer's will. The gameplay of the game made by the website you can see by clicking here. If you are interested in playing, you can download it by clicking on the link below:

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