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EVERLAST: An FMV Game Where You Start Life in a Virtual Existence After Your Death

Updated: May 10, 2022

Everlast is a short indie interactive fiction game with touches of dark humor and psychological horror that was produced by nadyalev and published on May 2nd of this year on the platform. Everlast is an FMV game in which you play a person who, before dying, had his consciousness and memories transferred to a virtual existence (similar to the San Junipero episode from the Black Mirror series). You just got there and, accompanied by an artificial intelligence, you try to create an account and, finally, enjoy all that the afterlife has to offer in this virtual world.

According to the developer, Everlast was produced in a different way: all the characters in the game were generated using an artificial intelligence called, a tool capable of generating videos using videos of people, who apparently talk about the things you make, in addition to using a tool to compose FMVs called Charles Engine FMV Toolkit. The mixture of all this offers us the visual part of the game that, instead of using pixel art or resorting to 3D characters, we have real people with elaborate dialogues through the combination of the two tools mentioned above. The gameplay is simple and similar to the visual novel games we see nowadays: all the "action" takes place through dialogues and, from time to time, you will be faced with some questions, which will generate different answers depending on the choices you make. take.

Check out the Everlast gameplay on our channel and, if you're interested, download the game to try it out. Just click on the respective links below.



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