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EVIL GOD KORONE: Run from a Cult in this unexpected Crossover between Tsugunohi and Inugami Korone

Evil God Korone is a Japanese indie horror game that was produced by ImCyan in partnership with Vaka Game Magazine, and published on November 8th of this year, on the Steam platform. The game is nothing more than a crossover between the famous Japanese indie horror series "Tsugunohi" and Inugami Korone, a famous VTuber in Japan, belonging to the group "hololive production". In the plot, you control a young man who walks the city streets after a full day of school tests. In your thoughts, you intend to watch Inugami Korone's lives, but things start to get weird, from the appearance of strange bald and smiling people to the supernatural manifestations of someone with the same appearance as VTuber.

The game can be classified as a kind of spin-off from the Tsugunohi series, as it was produced by the same gamedev. Aside from the collaboration with VTuber here, everything else is the same as in previous games in the series: you just use two buttons (back arrow and Enter) to guide the character and interact while things go on. The difference with other games is that, for the first time, we have a choice option at a given time, leading to two endings, depending on the choice you make. As for the look, it remains the same style: a beautifully crafted combination of images that works consistently, consolidating ImCyan's visual signature here.

Despite being a spin-off, Evil God Korone maintains the same pace and mood as other games in the Tsugunohi franchise. Recommended for those who enjoy a different Japanese horror. You can check out the gameplays of the game (with its two endings) and purchase the game (as well as the Tsugunohi franchise, if you're interested) by clicking on the links below.


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