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EXECUTABLE EDUCATION: Find a Way to Defeat a Murderous Digital Entity in this Tribute to Sonic.exe

Executable Education is a short indie adventure, survival and horror game that was produced by Shroudy Software and published on January 9th of this year, on the platform. In Executable Education you are the new employee of a software company. You've been scolded by your bosses several times about receiving spam in your email, so much so that the last time it happened, there were two casualties. The problems get worse and worse after triggering, necessarily, a ".exe" file, which causes several problems in the system, leading to other deaths and the appearance of "Sonic.exe", a digital entity with the appearance of the character Sonic the Hedgehog , from SEGA, but corrupt and with a thirst for killing. It's up to you to find a way to delete this threat.

The game features well-differentiated graphics, as well as interesting gameplay dynamics. Most focus on simulation aspects, but the differences happen in the three stages that the game has. References to Sonic abound, and to other games as well (only the third stage is an ode to Five Nights at Freddy's). The graphics range from the realism present in today's games to the pixelated graphics of the 90's. And all this happening under an interesting script. However, I must say that the game has a certain level of challenge. From the second stage onwards, the challenge is greater, and you will die a lot until you make it to the end. Despite the challenges, Executable Education manages to be a great game, which scares at the right moments and that pays homage to an old creepypasta in a very cool way.

Check out the gameplay of Executable Education and, if you are interested, download the game, just click on the respective links below.


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