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EXFILTRAITOR: Go Stealthy and Avoid Cameras and Robots in this Metal Gear Solid-Inspired Game

Exflitraitor is a third-person indie action and spy game produced by iwilliams and Warkus and which was published on September 27 this year, on the indie gaming platform "". The game does not feature any plots, as it was produced in 2 weeks for a Game Jam focused on the 32-bit aesthetic of PSX gaming, the 32bit Jam. Your objective here is just one: try to pass the challenges in the shortest time possible, stealthily escaping from the view of robots and cameras.

If you've read the objective of the game and also the Game Jam proposal, you must surely have crossed your mind a certain similarity between Exfiltrator and the PlayStation One action and espionage classic, Metal Gear Solid. And yes, you're not wrong: the game was heavily inspired by Solid Snake's PSX adventure, both graphically and in camera. You have a map in the upper right corner, showing the location and losing signal when entering an area with electromagnetic interference, as well as a first-person camera mode, to know where a camera or robot is located nearby.

Also, the gameplay is similar to MGS: you walk through various locations, use stealth and even distract the robots' attention by hitting the wall, similar to Solid Snake. However, unlike MGS, Exfiltrator doesn't use weapons, but its own stealth ability to proceed, that is, what will count here is your attention and quick action instead of the attack.

As this is a project produced for a Game Jam, it is somewhat uncertain whether this work will be developed over time, as it has an exceptional potential to be a much more elaborate game. It only remains to wait to see what can happen further in relation to this game. In the meantime, you can check out the gameplay by clicking this link here and/or download the game if you're interested. Just click the link below.

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