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FAITH 64 - Download Game

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

Faith 64 is a 3D survival horror game developed by The Bonsai Treehouse where you play a very faithful version of the original 2D Faith game. Here you have the whole atmospheric world of bizarre creatures and hauntings and you need to use your crucifix as a weapon against supernatural beings. But the place hides bizarre secrets.

In Faith 64 you have a mix of adventure with survival horror and a small map but full of mysteries that make up its 5 endings plus secrets that are spread out in notes and a boss battle that ends in a curious way.

The visuals are reminiscent of Nintendo 64 games due to their low-poly models and low or non-existent textures, but they are much more reminiscent of PSX games. Still, Faith 64 is a great game that manages to convey the supernatural atmosphere of the original title.

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