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FALLEN ACES: Enter a World of Heroes, Villains, Crime, Corruption and Betrayal in this Action Game

Fallen Aces is a first-person indie action stealth game produced by Trey Powell and Jason Bond and to be published by New Blood Interactive soon. A demo version was made available recently and in this demo, you control an Ace, one of the guardians of Switchblade City in the 30s or 40s. At that time, the guardians were taken down, one by one. You are given a mission by a strange vigilante known only to Nightwave: enter a nightclub, and save Delia Price, an undercover agent who has been captured by Frank "Matches" Malone, known criminal and owner of the place.

Starting with the obvious: the game is very reminiscent of Doom's style. If it wasn't done using the source code, it was very inspired. In addition to Doom, the game's aesthetics and narrative style were certainly inspired by comic books and movies of the time, such as Dick Tracy and similar noir titles. Visually speaking, Fallen Aces is very handsome, and that's thanks to the talent of Trey Powell, who drew everything by hand. Another impressive point is in its soundtrack: it was completely composed by a real orchestra, no plugins, no artificiality. And maybe that's why she's so good, she manages to capture a certain nostalgic and melancholy atmosphere, mixed with the jazz beat. As for the gameplay aspect, there's nothing to talk about here, it's a typical gameplay of FPS games from the 90's, but with a plus: allied to the gameplay we have here a non-linear level design, allowing you to use the environment while your favor, hiding behind boxes, flower beds and even in dark alleys, all this to surprise your enemy from behind, and that's an excellent differentiator here.

As mentioned above, Fallen Aces has only one demo available, and it is very short and can be finished in a few minutes. The game is not scheduled for release yet, but hopefully it will be released quickly, as it has everything a game needs to be good, beautiful visuals that impress, excellent soundtrack that matches the aesthetics and atmosphere of Switchblade City very well. , plus a gameplay style that lets you act however you want. You can download the demo by clicking the Steam page link below, or you can check out the gameplay of the game by clicking this link here.

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